While it's true that I'm the one person that performed the day-to-day work so far for Radwave (hopefully that changes one day), it's a lie to say this is a one man team.  I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have had massive support and encouragement from my family, friends, and neighbors, as well as business guidance from numerous others around me.

A few people deserve specific thanks.  First, foremost, middle and last is my wife, Kim.  This has been a huge roller coaster, usually more scary than fun.  We're still on it, and I really hope I've laid out enough tracks.  There is no part of this that would have been possible without you.  I love you endlessly.  I'm forever grateful, forever indebted, and I look forward spending the rest of my life paying you back.

To my kids, for being endlessly fun-loving, curious, and energetic, you are the absolute best.  I always wanted to be a dad, and it's way better than I ever dreamed.  You're the best reasons in the world to get hyper-excited about math and science, to explore the corners our backyard.  Please, whatever you do, never stop yelling out loud "Daddy, it's the moon!!! It's the moon!!!!"  The moon is absolutely that cool.

To my parents, for every homeward commuting conversation, for every visit, for rescuing us when life got way too hard, thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement. You've always told us kids that we can do anything.  We believed you :-)

To my brothers, for showing me what it means to live life according to your dreams, for demonstrating the value of everyday actions, for filling the personality spectrum that I leave gaping holes in, I'm massively grateful to have you in my life.

To my wife's entire family, for listening to the computer nerd, providing words and actions of support and encouragement, you have been truly pivotal in making me believe I'm not completely crazy.

And again, to my wife.  You're the main reason I have any friends left after acting like an office-dwelling work-hermit.  Thank you for pulling me away to make sure I enjoy life.