Radwave is essentially a SETI video game. Slow, unresponsive video games are infuriating. Therefore performance is key. Therefore, the core code should be in C.

Radwave on Android is too limited. There are a lot of iPhone users, and desktop users. And the screen size can be very challenging to design for and use.  Having more real estate will make for a much more usable system. To make something work across all devices, let's go with a web app.  

Emscripten is a tool to compile C code to use within web contexts. We'll definitely need that. That’s what OpenCV uses for its javascript bindings, and OpenCV is awesome.  I haven’t used emscripten myself in practice, so we’ll need to get more familiar.

Radwave leverages some open source software, so we’ll want to make sure those compile under emscripten. Also, emscripten supports SDL2, so we'll use that too.  I'm flipping through SDL Game Development to get familiar with the core functionality that's available.

Next week we’ll start digging into the technical details of this.